Store information about the login fields

Does BW store the name of the form fields (username and passwords) in the database?
Means: of there is a login form that uses non-standard field names, will Bitwarden learn the field names?
And same when I log into Android Apps?

The reason of my question is simple:
When BW stores the field names in the vault, then I need to “train” BW only once and when I use an other browser, then the data is still there.

No, Bitwarden uses a set of known field names to detect the username and password fields.
If BW doesn’t manage to detect the fields for a website, you could use a custom field. If you believe that this should be generalized to everyone, feel free to open a PR here :

EDIT : for example, these PRs (disclaimer : I’m their author) add support to more fields for credit card autofill.

I think that LastPass stores the names of the login fields in the vault.
So I have to adjust an entry only once and this is working on multiple browsers.

I moved this item to “Feature Requests” and changed the title of the topic.