Store images for cards, identification

Earlier I requested a feature for loyalty cards. I’m hoping separately we can upload an image of cards for cards and identification. Hopefully if loyalty card support comes in, one could also take a snapshot of the loyalty card also. Front and back images needed please.

We already support uploading attachments to an item. It requires a premium membership.


Looks like I’m going premium. Thanks

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signed up. this took care of it

Hi @kspearrin,

We already support uploading attachments to an item. It requires a premium membership.

This is a nice thing as I yesterday bought a premium membership, not because of the additional features listed, but to support Bitwarden as you guys are doing a superb job (ex 1Password user here).

The bad thing is that I can’t seem to find how to attach any images to the items!
This is how the data-entry section looks:

I should point that after buying the premium membership, I logged out and in again in all my clients (Mac and iOS).

Attachments can be added after you create the item. In edit mode.

Hi Kyle, thanks for your quick reply.

I found that the ‘Choose File’ button isn’t working here, please check this screencast:

Do you know if this is a known bug – or should I rather report it on GitHub?

Bitwarden client: Version 1.4.0 (1.4.0)
OS: macOS 10.13.6


Seems to work in my tests on macOS 10.13.5. What version are you on?

Hi Kyle,

Bitwarden client: Version 1.4.0 (1.4.0)
OS: macOS 10.13.6

I should add that:

  1. Bitwarden is installed through the Mac App Store
  2. I closed Bitwarden, logged in again and got the same result
  3. Also, it doesn’t work to use the space bar to activate the button

This is totally just fringe case UX stuff, but for cards it would be really nice to have the attachment (pic of card, front and back) easily visible in the Bitwarden item. Also a easy shortcut to upload the card front and back images in the item’s edit interface.

It’s just convenient sometimes to see / show the card’s front and back - if a cashier wants to view the card to confirm the number’s real, or if there’s a QR code on the card (our local Starbucks loyalty cards work off some kind of complex barcode)
Tap on the card to open it full screen.

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I confirm this is now working on Version 1.6.2 (1.6.2) – phew!