Store and Monitor Expiration dates

Many services come with expiration dates. Why not have a date as a custom field that then can be questioned as a simple DB that shows all expiration dates across data entries in chronological order?

This would be really handy.
Creation, modification and expiration dates are all very handy.

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Why do you need an expiration date? If you use long random passwords there is no reason to change it every so often unless you think its been breached. And if you work for someone that makes you change the password they’ll let you know when it expires the next time you log in. If you’re paranoid you could set up a calendar event on your phone to remind you to change all your passwords, but this is not needed.

Expiration date of insurance, credit card, driving license, ID card, passport, etc.

Agreed, 1password provides expiration dates for passports and driver’s licenses out of the box, and then provides a useful report for “things about to expire.”

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Add date as a custom field type. Including a date picker for mobile devices and the web interface.

Expanding on this idea is the expiration date, that would automatically generate an expiration date note (showing all upcoming expiration dates) and (optional) expiration date alerts.

In my opinion an expiration date would be part of an item template discussed elsewhere. But of course the field type would be the same.

Feature name

-name/concept of the feature being requested

  1. Custom Field -> Add Type:Date/Time, selective + manual fill in + GMT time zone
  2. Notification (1 or 2 or 3 or specify the reminder) in the centralized like Dashboard to list those nearing expiration items

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?
    the purpose is to notify for those items nearing for expiration.
    for example, my VISA, Credit Card, Apps Subscription, Driving License is about to near expire

  • What benefits will this feature bring?
    Among hundreds of items, there will be a centralized dashboard or field to take a quick glace look and sort them to make things more effective


There already is a feature request for custom field type ‘date’

Having an expiration date to be monitored would require a dedicated field like in KeePass. That would allow to create an extra health report or other monitoring function. Nice idea.

Fully agree: date field would be very welcome.

Fine to split the request in two, add custom field date soon and add the “notification” functionality later.
Having a date field can have multiple purposes: expiration date, date created, date of purchase, DOB, etc. Not for all of them a reminder is wanted/needed.

For the custom date field: full date but preferably also: month/year (e.g. for cc expiration date)

Related: for the 1Password import, currently the date fields are imported as Epoch timestamps (e.g. -23395600 [before 1970] and 1434728860). That is not very useful. Would be great if they can be imported as date strings e.g. “March 8, 2021” or “2020-03-08”.

Would it be possible to split this request again?
This so it is possible to vote on (and build) them separately:

  1. date field (full date and mm/yy) + correct 1Password import
  2. date field expiration monitoring

The first one has a much higher priority for me than the 2nd.