Stopped accepting my Master Password

Bitwarden stopped accepting the Master Password I had used for years. Since then, I’ve been unable to login to the Vault on most of my browsers. Fortunately, on Edge I had set the Vault Timeout set to ‘Never’. I should add that I’m working on a big desktop computer that no one else uses, that’s why I’m comfortable setting the Timeout to ‘Never’.
Is there any easy way to get my Logins transferred to Bitwarden on my other browsers? The idea of doing it manually one-by-one is pretty daunting!
Any help you can offer would be appreciated.

I have never heard of this happening before, so I believe it is much more likely that some sort of error is involved with entering the password. Sometimes this is due to user error not remembering a capital letter or missing a punctuation character, or sometimes it can occur if you are using a different keyboard (physical or virtual), especially when international or other special characters are involved.

Unfortunately, if you don’t remember your password, there is no way to export your vault. Your only option is to copy and paste each item manually.

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I’m not expert, but two things come to my mind: Account hijacking and user error.

To check on account hijacking, review your email to see if any there’s any emails from bitwarden about a new device logging in recently.

To check for user error, try typing your master password into a notepad document without looking (use your muscle memory). Then look closely at it. Does anything look unusual / out of place? It could be upper vs lower case. Non-standard characters (like ä) can also be problematic since minor changes in your system software / hardware might affect the way they are interpreted.

If you don’t figure out what happened, personally I would think about changing your account credentials on critical accounts after you save whatever it is you need to save (in case your bitwarden account was somehow hacked).

Thanks for your suggestions. I’ve tried pretty much everything, and nothing worked. So, I’ve created a new account, and now I have to go through the tedious process of adding my contacts to it one by one!

Sorry to hear that, @Larry54. I was hoping you could figure out what password you had been using.

It may be a bit late, but I have been working on collating all the advice from the community regarding lost, forgotten, or otherwise problematic passwords in one thread. I completed it today and have posted it here, in case it is of any help to you:


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This line from your new collation of advice describes exactly the situation I am in: “Even if you have a device that’s currently logged in to your account (e.g., you unlocked Bitwarden on your phone with a fingerprint), you can’t export your vault contents without the master password.”
MS Edge was logged into my previous Bitwarden account when my vault login stopped working for reasons I do not know. So Bitwarden works fine on Edge, but I had to create a new account for my other browsers.
Thanks very much for all your efforts.

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