SSO: single login/password, multiple URI, multiple TOTP

Thanks to SSO, I can connect to multiple website using the same login/password pair.
In my fault, I have a single identity for N websites, each has it own URI:

  • URI 1 for website 1
  • URI 2 for website 2
  • URI N for website N

So if I my password expires, I have to update a single identity in Bitwarden for all websites sharing the same SSO.
However, the TOTP is unique per website.
On bitwarden, I can have only one TOTP for this identity.
So currently, I have N+1 identities:

  • N identity to store the TOTP
  • 1 common entry for the login/password.

Can we have a feature to manage this situation better ? Or is it the proper way to address this situation ?

Looks like this is a duplicate of More than one TOTP per item - #2 by davidwinterstein