Ssl cert - not trusted on some pcs

hi all,

got a weird one, i have amended my nginx “default.conf” with my “ssl cert” and “ssl key” and restarted nginx docker

when i do a “docker ps” i see nginx docker has restarted and is up and healthy

now on some pcs, when i go on bitwarden via the dns name i have no problems, i can login and i get the padlock

but on some pcs, i get the “site is not secure” and the padlock unlocked

i have been going mad over this all day, i have checked in all files in my “bwdata” that i have put in the right DNS name everywhere ie “global.override.env” “default.conf” and “app-id.json”

any help would be much appreciated


found out i needed to change the .crt into a .pem and now it works

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