Split-Login Workflow in iOS/iPadOS for apps

I did try to search for this in the forums, so I apologize if I missed it.

I have an app on iPadOS that I use SSO to log into (EntraID / AzureAD). When I click the login with SSO button the app has a pop up to enter in my email address (it’s a split-login workflow, so the password prompt is another step).

Bitwarden recognizes the window, however if I use Bitwarden auto-fill it fills in the password instead of the email address. The login entry in Bitwarden is correct (with the email address in the username field, password in the password field).

I did reach out to support who informed me that Bitwarden only supports split-login workflows for the web, and not for apps on iOS/iPadOS. They recommended I submit a feature request, so here I am doing that :slightly_smiling_face: