Sort by modification date

Would be nice to have sort by name / modification date (descending) in folder view and all view.

I agree. It’s nice to make a change and the site you changed be at the top of the sort.

Yes, and when you have hundreds of password, it is nice to have the frequently used / modified at the top

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+1 to this, it’s a crucial feature with big databases

Agreed - I want to change passwords every few months, and this seems like the simplest way to achieve that - if I could sort by or report by updated date, I could see the oldest ones and change them.

+1, sorting options are the feature I miss most from 1Password’s desktop app.

+1 - Nice Feature!

+1! I’m really surprised this isn’t a feature…???

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Not an “out of the box” solution, but for the somewhat savvy, here’s a method:

Install bitwarden CLI:

$ npm install -g @bitwarden/cli

install jq:

$ brew install jq

then, login and query your data:

$ bw login
$ export BW_SESSION="(... your session key ...)"
$ bw list items |\
jq -r 'sort_by( -( .revisionDate | sub("\\.[0-9]+Z$"; "Z") |
       strptime("%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ") | mktime )) |
       .[] | ( .name + " [" + .revisionDate + "]")' |\
head -n10

you can adjust the final head -n10 to show more items (or just omit it to show everything)

This is one of the few things that keeps me from moving from KeePass!

Keeping this one alive, being able to sort by modification date would be nice.