Some suggestions from former 1p user

I used to be a 1pass user, now I decided to switch to Bitwarden and subscribed a premium plan.
I have some suggestions based on the use of past few weeks.


  1. global shortcut for calling out the main windows. it’s annoying to open the main window by multiple click menu bar or status bar when I need to fill password in other apps.
  2. automatic prompt biometric verification when calling Bitwarden and the vault is locked (browser extension and client app), rather than extra mouse clicks.


  • Sometimes, when I add TOTP to a existing account on Mac client, it won’t update properly, I have to quit may account and relogin to make TOTP work;


  • Since biometric needs the cooperation from desktop client, why not only store vault in the client and make a lightweight browser extension to request the related accounts (lower memory usages and safer storage).