Some simple but useful feature requests from a 2yr user :)

Feature names:

  1. Search ability for folders when selecting where to put a new login into (including on mobile and iOS).
  2. Color-coding and tagging to better organize both folders and items and logins (for tagging the way MacOS Finder does it which is very simple would be great).
  3. Ability to find and remove or merge duplications (it would be sooo helpful when constantly cross importing between things). At least on the web version to run a dupe check every once in a while
  4. Ability to custom select colors for theme (I’m sure it’s been mentioned before but this takes an hour or so to code in, so there’s no reason to not have this already :joy:)

Feature function

Better organization, more visually appealing app

  • What benefits will this feature bring?
    Easier to use, more organized, finding myself not to have to occasionally do a “bitwarden spring cleaning”

So this is some of the most important stuff I’ve gathered in the almost 2 years I used Bitwarden on my phones and computers. I like being a dev myself and I can go crazy with new and amazing features, but I think what I listed will not break anything, will not cause others and / or some users inconveniences, and will not take away from the simplicity and ease of using the app.

Greatly appreciate if you do take it into consideration,
thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello @eyeseaevan , Welcome to the community ! Glad to know you are a long time user.
But regarding the requests you made, i feel most of them are already covered by other requests and have been discussed upon. Maybe you can vote and leave your comments there to make it easier for devs to follow.


Closing this one, but let us know if you want to provide more detail.