Some questions

Hi there, I’m very pleased with the appearance of the desktop application. Finally, I can use Bitwarden! After a short introduction to the application, questions arose:

  1. How about folding into a tray? This is a standard feature for all password managers. Because it is impossible to keep it open all the time.

  2. What about the pin-code entry? Also a standard function. It’s not very convenient to enter a long master password all the time. It would be optimal to be able to enter the pin code while the PC is turned on. And after rebooting or going into hibernation mode - the first input is again on the password.

  3. I would like to synchronize between the application and the browser extension. To not enter the password in the extension if it has already entered the application and vice versa.

  4. In the password generator there is no possibility of generating a passphrase (as in Enpass for example). By the way, this is not in the browser extension and in the mobile application, either. Please add this! It would be very useful!

My questions will remain unanswered? :frowning:


  1. This already exists. There are options in the desktop client for “Enable Tray Icon” and “Minimize to Tray Icon”

  2. There is already a feature request open for this: Unlock vault with PIN

  3. I would suggest putting this is it’s own feature request rather than putting several requests in on. Or use the User to User support for general questions

  4. There is already a feature request open for this: Add an ability to generate diceware passphrases

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  1. In version 1.2 this was not. Now updated - appeared.
  2. Ok

Wait, what? #3 Synchronization between the browser extension and the application ISN’T there already? Are we talking windows and chrome? If they aren’t “synchronized” (I’m starting to wonder what that means), then where is the browser extension storing the passwords?

I thought the whole point of Bitwarden was one instantly synced central storage of credentials that could be used, updated, and added to from any device. Is that not true? And if it is, what is Doomsday asking for?

I beleive he’s talking about the Browser extension accessing the Windows Application directly, the way that Enpass works.

The BitWarden browser extension does synronise with the server. And the windows app syncronises with the server also. They just don’t communicate directly (as Enpass does - since Enpass doesn’t have a “server”)