Some Feature Requests


I’d like to request some features for better app usability:

  1. Conceal passwords in large with alternating colors (also for additional fields with hidden flag) and letter count underneath → in case of entering a password manually this could be very helpful

  2. Alternating colors in password generator view

  3. pwnd check for additional fields with hidden flag

  4. Ability to edit an item’s icon manually

  5. Ability to set an avatar for account (instead of using “Gravatar”)

  6. Ability to duplicate an item

  7. Ability to set an URI’s description/caption text

  8. Store password generator settings within the account’s settings instead of browser cache to have consistent password generator settings across all devices

  9. See 8 but for logout timeout and other personal settings

  10. Include a recycle bin (web only would be enough)

That’s it so far.

What do you think about that?