[SOLVED] Where can I generate a passphrase in BW?

Here in the community I found Kyle’s final word in this thread.

Maybe I’m too blind or it’s not very obvious for me. But after searching and searching more, I didn’t find it yet.

Could someone please tell me once and for all where exactly I can generate passphrases in Bitwarden? I found something on Twitter, which redirected to an image, but nothing more than that.


All I’ve found was this on the help documentation:

Which refers to CLI, something I’m not using right now.

Also tried to search something on the blog, but no results.

Well, I think it’s enough for now to ask for help. Anyone? :confused:

But that’s the Fingerprint Passphrase (linked to the account). I thought that report was supposed to generate passphrases for yourself, like mentioned here.

Also, from the documentation:

Every Bitwarden user account has a public “fingerprint phrase” associated with it. Your account’s fingerprint phrase never changes and is composed of five random english words that appear in a specific order.

Isn’t that the purpose of the feature? For daily usage, like generating random memorable passphrases for high entropy passwords? :thinking:

I think you are indeed very blind :wink:.

Go to Generator (big buttons at the bottom), half way down there’s options, fold it open, choose passphrase.

Pretty sure it depends on what interface you are using. It isn’t available in the Android Mobile app yet that I’m aware of, but it is on the web application.

There are a couple of sites that I want a passphrase for, so I have to create it on the web version for now.

Yeah, I guess you got it. Maybe I scrolled my eyes too quickly and didn’t see that "OPTIONS" field with the drop-down there. Thanks for the tip. I’ve just marked the thread as solved.

Although it could be more complex, but I’ll keep using XKPassword for other purposes, if necessary.

Yes, that’s correct. As you can see on the OP’s first image, there’s a highlight for the Correction tweet Kyle made.

But it shouldn’t take too long until Kyle implements it on mobile apps.