[SOLVED] Selhost: "Session Expires" directly after login

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Hi my selhost Instance is running healthly.
It ist a new Installation, behind a proxy.
After login with my credentials i can see my Vault shortly, after that i get the “Session Expires” warning.
I tried it with different browers.
Any Ideas?

Check both time and time zone.

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thx .
The Server shows Berlin Time.
The logs from nginx UTC.
How can i change this to Berlin time?

Is the time actually different (i.e. if you manually convert UTC to local)?
As long as time is sync’d to real time, the representation (UTC vs local Berlin) shouldn’t matter.

Also, have you tried checking logs for failures?

On server side:

docker logs bitwarden-api
docker logs bitwarden-identity

On client side, some options:

  • On Chrome/Chromium-based Extension,
    • Go to extensions page > Click background.html for Bitwarden
  • On Firefox Extension,
    • Tools > Web Developer > Browser Console

Someone had a similar issue due to HTTP proxy being used for local (container-to-container) connections and had to specifically exclude in noProxy:

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no.proxy:“identity” was the solution.

Thank your for your help

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