SOLVED - Self-hosted login fails, same hosted login works

Having issues with a self-hosted install and I haven’t found anything similar in these forums so far:

I am self-hosting on Ubuntu 18.04, the web address works ( and I can get to my login screen. However when I try to login I keep getting “Username or password is incorrect”. That same username/password combo works when I go through I have tried creating a new user through the Bitwarden hosted side and that login fails too when trying to use my self-hosted install.

Logins also fail with the same error through the Ubuntu desktop app and the Android app when going to my self-hosted domain.

Any help would be awesome.

SOLVED: Figured out my issue, problem was in the documentation… Nowhere does it say that your self-hosted starts with zero users and that you have to follow the Create A User link on the login page and that the first account made will be the owner.
The way the documentation reads makes it sound like your users will pull down from the hosted one as part of your installation id/key and you can just use the one you created there.
If I have one complaint about this software so far is that the documentation for self-hosting really sucks (oh and there is no obvious way to mark your forum post as solved…)

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