[solved] Self hosted (http) and android app not working

Hey Guys,

I’m using Bitwarden since a while now with a self hosted server. I ran into some issues lately and had to completely reinstall the server. Now Everything is running again (PC and browser). But unfortunately I can’t sync it with Android. Whenever I try to login to my server it says:
There is a problem connecting to the server.
Unfortunately there was an app update and android Update in between as well, so I don’t know which of the two updates causes the issue.
My self hosted adress is:, I’ve choosen http because it’s easier to setup locally and I don’t need encryption in my private network.
Server is up to date
App Version is 2.0.4
I’m using a huawei mate 20 pro with runns with Android Patches from May 2019 (Kernel is Version 4.9.97).

If you need additional information, please just ask, I’m not sure what is needed.

Thank you for your time,

I opted into the bitwarden beta in play store, with the last update from this morning it’s working for me.