[SOLVED] Safari 14 Bitwarden Extension not syncing Bitwarden account

Recently I have noticed that my Bitwarden Safari extension cannot sync my account, it says there are no passwords or folders yet logged into Chrome it works just fine as does the Mac Desktop app. Only in the Safari browser the extension will not sync to my account. Has anyone else experienced this and have you come up with a solution?

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What version of the extension are you on @R_o.L ? (also OS version, etc) may be helpful, too.

You may want to try using something like App Cleaner to remove the desktop app and extension (they’re bundled together) and reinstalling from the app store.

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Hi @tgreer

Thanks for the reply. Here are the versions.

Bitwarden Safari Extension version 1.51.1
Mac OS version 11.5.2

I have not tried uninstalling the desktop app at this point, especially if the issue is only with the safari extension and the app and Chrome extension are working fine.

thanks for the awesome information.

@R_o.L hmm - it does seem like you may need to remove the extension.

With Safari, the extension is part of the desktop app. To uninstall the Safari extension, you’d need to remove the desktop app as well. Using something like App Cleaner to remove it will ensure all files get cleaned up.

I’d start with a reinstall of the desktop and extension to see if it addresses the issue.

Thanks for the information. I will try to figure it out for more.

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I got around to uninstalling and reinstalling the application but it isn’t seem to make any difference. The app works fine on the desktop, however the browser extension still doesn’t load my data. It still says there are no items to list.

Any other suggestion I can try?

You may need to use a deeper-cleaning tool like Onyx or the like. We’ve seen caches in Safari cause issues with extensions (including Bitwarden) in the past.

Here’s a thread that may help - it’s about the extension not showing up (which I know yours is :slight_smile: ) - but the Safari tips may help clean out anything you have causing issues.

The Bitwarden extension update for Safari has resolved the issue I was having. No other intervention seemed to work so just needed to wait it out. As far as I am concerned this issue is closed.

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my issue has been fixed.