[Solved] Reused password report shows old entries

I started with nearly 200 reused passwords and began replacing them with strong unique passwords 10 or so per day. Reused Password Report has been randomly ignoring my updates, while the vault on all devices shows up-to-date passwords. Last couple days I’ve been force-syncing vault every time when switching between devices, which did not help.

At this point when I log in to web vault, everything is 100% up to date on “My Vault” tab. But when I go to Reused Password Report I see entries which I deleted days ago; I see entries which still show old password; and I see entries which are up to date as expected. No syncing, logging in/out, refreshing browser, etc. helped.

I’ve seen hints of this problem in the forum but not any solution. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My mission to eliminate repeat passwords become very difficult because of this.


This is issue was reported earlier.
Clear the items in the trash if you don’t need them. Note: This will permanently delete the item.
When you soft delete an item, bitwarden kinda creates a trash/bin folder or something. Even if the item is in the trash, it is still in your vault.

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the items in the ‘trash’ aren’t technically deleted yet,
from tgreer

That was it, thank you! Cleared the trash and the report seems up to date now. Only 70 repeated passwords to go! :slight_smile:

I see this is marked as [Solved}. I wouldn’t go that far. It is “worked around” at best.

I would think that Reused Passwords Report is an actionable list intended to help a user see/fix potentially insecure situation. And the vault items go to trash when user no longer needs them - either they were duplicates or accounts are closed. Reused password on a duplicated entry or account which is no longer active is not an actionable security issue and shouldn’t be in this report.

I would recommend a change where trash items are excluded from this report. Or at least making it an option.

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I get what you are saying. Maybe put a comment down below

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I also was a bit confused to see delete items in the Reused list. One way to fix this would be to either:

  1. Show deleted credentials with a trash icon or gray them out.
  2. Split the list in 2: first all the normal credentials, then those from the trash separated clearly.