[SOLVED] Reduce amount of initial clicks

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Feature name

  • Reduce the amount of initial clicks

Feature function

I’m using the Bitwarden extension in Firefox.
Every morning I log in with username and password. Our organisation will not use the SSO option for the foreseeable future.

Currently I only login to Bitwarden when I first need to log in on some website (usually an internal platform). My steps then are as follows:

  1. Click on the Bitwarden extension icon to open the plugin popup
  2. Click on login (~1)
  3. Click in the password field (~2)
  4. Wait for login to complete
  5. Close the plugin popup because now I see a default view, not passwords for the already open website (~3)
  6. Open the plugin popup again
  7. Click on the password for the website.

I see three (some seemingly simple) improvements, already marked above:

  1. Let me get to the password entry field more easily as recurring user. By optionally disabling the “Enterprise Single Sign-on” method. And if I use the tool daily, I probably won’t need to easily create a new account. Put that options somewhere else. This could remove one click.
  2. Focus the password field so I don’t have to click to focus it first. This could also remove one click.
  3. Let me choose to not start the plugin at the default view, but immediately show entries for the currently open website. This could remove 2 clicks.

All three optimalisations combined could make the first login process go from six to just three clicks. Note that each click is not just a click, but requires positioning of the cursor in the right spot first.

I’ve waited several months to report this. But I think the extension could use some love. And this would improve my first use every day.

All of your suggested improvements are already available @AlexHaan-iWink - you just have to lock your vault when you are done using Bitwarden instead of logging out.

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Thank you very much!
Do I feel stupid now…

I’ll update the subject of this post.


Regardless if you decide to switch over to just locking or logging-out of your vault:
The keyboard shortcuts described here might come in handy. Most notably Ctrl/CMD + Shift + L which will prompt you to login/unlock before auto-filling