[Solved] Organization Troubles

Hello. My husband and I both have Premium accounts. We are, like many of you, new to Bitwarden from LastPass.

I have set up an organization and shared it with him. We’d like to be able to share logins for things like bills, our children’s school information, etc. I can see the organization on my mobile app and on the web, but he cannot see it on his mobile app but can see it on the web. He is able to share things to the organization on the web though.

I can see the sharing settings, I’m listed as the owner and he is listed as an Admin.

This prevents us from being able to share bills, etc to our organization, since he cannot see shared things in his mobile app, if he shares things he won’t be able to access them mobile.

We are both running the same version of the app Version 2.2.1 (2063), both on Pixel 3a with Pie.

My apologies…I figured it out just spending some time digging. For anyone else asking, I just deleted him as an Admin, and re-added him as an owner with all privileges. He is now able to see our Organization on both the web and the mobile app.

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