[SOLVED]Nested folders visible in browser extension but NOT in web vault

I successfully created a nested folder structure to store some software keys as follows:


These nested folders (and their secure note contents) are correctly shown on the Safari Bitwarden extension…but NOT in the Bitwarden Web Vault – image below shows web vault, and browser extension on right. I have manually Sync’ed from the browser extension, but this hasn’t seemed to make a difference.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour?

Also confirmed that the nested folders exist in the Bitwarden desktop app, but not in the web vault…

@kspearrin is this a known bug?

Looks like your “Software” folder is collapsed. Click the arrow to expand it.

Doh!!! How on earth did I miss that? You have to click on the little arrow next to ‘Software’ to expand … I just clicked on the word ‘Software’ and nothing happened.

Thanks @kspearrin :grinning:

Nested folders are not working in any of my apps. Please see “Family/Dad” as my test

Got it figured out. Thanks!