[SOLVED] More Choices on Timeout

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  • Timeout

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The choices on timeout are very limited, most are for short periods. Given the WFH environment that now exists, it’s common to be the only one near the computer for longer periods of time.

My suggestion is either some additional options like 6 Hours, 8 Hours, and 12 Hours, or a completely arbitrary timeout setting so the user can choose.

HI @realspear this is already possible via the Custom option. Go to the settings screen and under vault timeout either select a preset that fits your needs or select ‘Custom’ and enter hours/minutes for the timeout.

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Thanks. My problem is that my schedule changes and I was hoping there would be an easy way to change it from the plugin, without having to go through the Settings in the Vault.

If by “plugin” you mean the BW browser extension, it has the same options settings as the web vault and desktop or mobile apps. But the settings are independent among each of these clients, and setting a timeout option in one place does not propagate it to another client (which is by design so that people can be flexible about their settings depending on risk levels of each device).

I don’t get the same options. See the image here. Left is the browser extension, right is the vault on the browser.

Maybe you need to update your extension? It works for me:

I’m on 1.53 for Opera and there is no more recent version. Unfortunately, it looks like this is the issue, I went and installed on Chrome and it gives that option in the extension. Hopefully, the Opera one will get updated at some point. Appreciate the help!

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Opera takes a bit to update sometimes, but it will have the same feature once approved and released by the Opera team :+1: