[SOLVED] Lock/Unlock entries for making changes

Would like to have a lock/unlock icon for each item in Vault. Had one of my “login” entries opened and I don’t know what happened but it refreshed password. Maybe I hit it accidentally. Would be nice to have a “unlock” icon so nothing can be modded by accident.

This unlock feature actually already exists. It is just called Edit. If this was not clicked before the password (or actually anything that belongs to that item) cannot be changed.

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Yes correct. Yesterday I was editing other fields and may have refreshed pw unknowingly. I realized it before hitting ‘save’. Supposedly would have a pop-up asking if you really want to refresh pw but it was and maybe accidentally hit it while I was shuffling papers around desk. But thanks for the reminder!

Something else: Even if you would have overwritten and actually have saved the accidentally changed password it would not have been a disaster. Just scroll down to the bottom of the item and there you will find the Password History:


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I never knew there was this feature! I didn’t get to saving so wasn’t aware there is this text. Ok, this will be good to know next time I make a mistake again. This will do. Any way to delete this entry from request now? Thx Peter!

How about like this ? Changed to User-to-User Support and added “SOLVED” to the title.