[SOLVED] Is Bitwarden down, have lost all my accounts

Have logged into my online account today and every entry is missing!
Is this an issue with Bitwarden database or have I been hacked?

Uh oh - that doesn’t sound good.

I have been using Bitwarden all day - no issues here. So I doubt it is anything server-side.

Have you tried logging out and logging back in again, preferably with multiple devices?

Hi David,
I tried logging in again and now everything is back. It must have been a glitch with loading my profile.
Phew! I was panicking for a while there.


Great to hear - I can only imagine the anxiety that must have caused!

Good news that things are working.

I have learnt from experience that computers are scheming to annoy me, so I have plenty of backups just in case anything goes wrong.

Looks like your passwords stay offline which is handy if Bitwarden disapears (at least in the Firefox addon). It also might be a good idea to have Bitwarden logged into multiple devices in case you lose one at the same time as Bitwarden disappears although that’s pretty unlikely.