[SOLVED] How to setup Duo Push for a personal use?

I tried to follow the guide but it does not contain info on the duo push.
So far I was able to add Duo as SMS 2FA, but there are limits on the credits and the whole idea was to be able to login by clicking approve on my phone. (Similar to Lastpass authenticator).
I searched YT and Bitwarden Community but could not find any useful info.

Duo Push works when I login to admin panel, but not when I try to authenticate bitwarden.

Haven’t taken a look at it since I activated it about 2 years ago. I will (at least I intent to) do this later today and feed back.

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Oh my, why did I make this promise? Ok, let’s try this.

First my assumptions: You…

  • already signed up at Login - Duo
  • are signed in
  • have verified your phone number
  • have installed the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone. For Android you can find it here.

So this is my starting point.
As I do not want to mess up my current account I went a little detour. Something - I assume - you will not have to do (for now): I just added a new administrator so that I would be able to see what you should see and that is something like this; just with your name and eMail-address:

Click onto your name and scroll down, then you should see this:

Click onto Activate and you get:

Now start Duo Mobile on your phone. Tap onto the + in the top right corner and scan this QR code.

In your browser click onto save changes and you are done.

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Some more ideas:

  • Have at least a 2nd completely different 2FA method to log into Bitwarden (like Yubikey and/or TOTP).
  • Test ALL 2FA methods before you rely on them
  • Create a 2nd administrator account inside Duo that points to a completely different eMail-address.
  • Test all admin-credentials for Duo.
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Thank you very much for your help. It is not fixed but you went into a lot of trouble to help me out.
Based on the screenshot you provided I have all those things set up.
The thing that does not work is only Bitwarden verification.
This is what login for admin looks like:

and this is the screen I get when I try to login to bitwarden:

It does not ask me about Push.

I have reverified Duo Push, as before it works for admin, but not for the bitwarden.

Oops, I missed that part. So here is the rest:

  • You will need 2 windows (perhaps even 3 if you want to keep on reading this) in your browser. Arrange them next to each other.
  • In one log into Login - Duo (D)
  • In the other log into https://vault.bitwarden.com (B)
  • (B) Go to SettingsTwo-step Login
  • (B) Look for Duo and click onto Manage
  • (B) Enter your Master Password
  • (B) There is a new form that asks for the Integration key, the Secret key and the *API hostname
  • (D) On the sidebar on the left go to Applications
  • (D) Click onto Protect an Application
  • (D) Find Bitwarden and click onto Protect
  • (D) You will see fields with the Integration key, the Secret key and the API hostname.
  • (D->B) Copy the data into the form in the Bitwarden vault.
  • (B) Click onto Enable
  • (B) Click Close
  • (D) Click onto Save

Make sure to have another working 2FA method for Bitwarden!
Open another window; this time in private/incognito mode.
Go to https://vault.bitwarden.com
Log in and when asked select Duo for 2FA.

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I did all of that as seen on those screenshots:

and vault:

I left the last 3 char so you can see both are the same.

For me it looks the same:


I even had removed Bitwarden from Duo and then added it again. And for me it works (Phew!).

From here on it is just guessing.
What I would do now is this:
Remove Bitwarden from Duo and Duo from Bitwarden then start from scratch.

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I think we fix it.
I deleted a user (I thought admin could not be a user so I had user with the same email and phone).
Now that it is gone, I got a set up window when I tried to login and I was able to add account.
The Duo Push WORKS.

Thank you very much!

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Welcome to the secret society of Duo users :wink: