[Solved] Help! Chrome refuses to sync and uses old vault database

Bitwarden was fine until about a week ago. Now Chrome is acting strange on my PC.

  1. If I edit an item, I can see the change in the vault. But when I use Bitwarden to access the item, it still sees the old entry.
  2. I try to manually sync and get the error “Sync Failed”.
  3. On my android devices, it works perfectly.

I am not using a VPN or ad blocker. Timestamps are all up to date.
I tried rebooting the computer. I tried clearing cookies, etc. No change.
I am using Chrome 95.0.4638.69 on a Windows 7 PC.

Great chunks of hair all over my desk at this point!

I fixed it! I deleted the Chrome Bitwarden extension and reinstalled it. For now, it works!

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