[SOLVED] Form Filling Problem

Hello, I’m a new user and am having trouble figuring out how to get the zip codes to fill on this page https://www.weatherforyou.com/favorites/

I’ve been looking and reading and trying different things all morning. In Lastpass, I just made a form fill and it worked. I tried it here but no-go. I get a red popup saying unable to fill this form.

I should add this info…

HP Laptop
Windows 10
Opera Browser
I’m using this extension - Bitwarden - Free Password Manager, Version 1.49.0 by bitwarden

Have you tried doing using Custom Fields: Custom Fields | Bitwarden Help & Support

You will want to Inspect HTML and find id or name of element.

For example:

  • Top Zip Code field = pands
  • 1st Favorite = favplace1

Example Screenshot:

Pardon my ignorance but the custom fields that I have and used have “name” and “value”. I put in “Favorite Place 1” for name and “53948” for value.

Holy cow, I went to the link you provided. Could they make it any more complicated?

There are feature requests to improve the capability of custom fields like: Custom Fields and automatic fields parsing (save all entered data)

The current feature requires the user to do the work manually, which probably allowed Bitwarden to quickly release Custom Fields support to customers.

Something fancier would probably require more time/effort. Might be possible in the future, but the priority seems to be lower than other feature requests and roadmap items.

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So, I take it Bitwarden is relatively new?

I got it to work. I cheated. I used your “favplace 1” and it worked. I went to inspect element and couldn’t find it…

Thank you for your help. I could’ve never figured it out with out it and every time I clear the bats out of Opera’s belfry I have to input that info. I monitor five cities where family lives…