[SOLVED] Folders in folders

Be nice if you could add a folder inside a folder. Would work great if you are working with a project keep things nice a tidy

Hi @APC, welcome to the Community!

We currently support Nested Folders by naming a new folder with “Parent Folder Name / New Folder Name”. You can learn more about Nested Folders on our help center.

Does the above functionality meet your needs?



Note to self READ DOCS


Thanks , i didn’t knew this feature existed :frowning_with_open_mouth:.
Is of great help to me as i use a ton of folders
But drag and drop would make it less painful to quickly organise them :cry:

@Gaurav - there is an open feature request for this if you would like to support it:

I have marked this one as SOLVED given that the OP is satisfied. Cheers!

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