[SOLVED] Brave Extension Cannot login with masterpassword

Brave Bitwarden Browser extension not able to login with Master password something I missed, works perfectly fine on firefox.

Showing Error has occured username or password is incorrect.

Win10 pro 64bit brave browser latest / bitwarden latest.

Check if your Master Password has a special character that is not available in the list of those offered by the Password Generator.
Example: " (Quotation mark).

For more details about my idea see here:

Thx for the prompt reply peter, I checked there is a possibility that could be a problem, now I checked to access my vault directly on the bitwarden website with my masterpassword to change it, and it wont go through, yet the bitwarden application accepts my masterpassword perfectly fine, there is something I am missing here.

Okay found the issue, my bad, thank you for the help, I need new reading glasses.

What was the issue?

I was hell bent on the wrong username, thinking it was the right one, was focusing on the password being correct.