Software distribution - automatic self hosted URL + disable update check

We are using bitwarden at our Company, an we are distributing all applications trough our software management tool. Bitwarden has already a silent installation switch, which is great. But could the installation feature be improved?
I would like to see an automatic distribution with our URL to the self hosted instance. And an option to disable the update check (for example through the registry).

Example how I would like to distribute bitwarden in our company:
"Bitwarden-Installer.exe" /S selfHostedURL=https://our.domain updateCheck=off

The best I think would be via api rest… example:https://api.our.domain/update/false and example:https://api.our.domain/update/true … you could use curl

curl -v https://api.our.domain/update/false (get)
curl -X PUT -d "computerId=1&update=true&body=true." https://api.our.domain/update/1
curl -X DELETE https://api.our.domain/update/computer/1 ... remove update 1 or more computers
curl -X DELETE https://api.our.domain/update/computer/all ... remove all updates on multiple computers
curl -X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer {ACCESS_TOKEN}" "https://api.our.domain/update"