SMTP Problem (weird)


Yesterday I started moving my webstorage provider, including my domains.
Because of my domain move my lets encrypt certificate wasn’t valid anymore, so I’ve reinstalled bitwarden - not knowing what a hastle this was going to be.

QNAP TS-251A (Container Station/Docker installed)
Domain moved from all-inkl to netcup
DynDNS set up to
To free up port 80 of my NAS (for Let’s Encrypt…) I’m running /etc/init.d/ stop

The installation itself was working fine once my DynDNS record was finally updated.
Updated /bwdata/env/global.override.something with my admin user and smtp data. After the installation I’ve done a ./ rebuild followed by a ./ start

User set up was working fine. Tried to send myself the email confirmation mail - nothing received.
Tried the admin login - again, no email. Since both were the same email addresses and I wasn’t sure if there was probably an issue with my new email address I’ve registered an account using my gmail address too - no email.

Changed my SMTP settings to my old working ones. Same steps as above, not working. Also tried updateself as well as update, no emails, ever!
Tried different ports, also my gmail emailaddress - no emails…

I’m pissed already. Tried to log into my NAS webinterface, password not working - WTF! Even more pissed. SSH working, luckily. Tried to reset my admin password, still not working. Restarted my NAS, still not working. Raised a ticket @QNAP
But that’s actually not important for my bitwarden issue I guess.

Anyway, I’ve tried another reinstallation. Installation was working fine. Used my new SMTP, emails received. But now I couldn’t create a user anymore. Also the user page in the admin menu wasn’t working anylonger. Unhandled error something…
So I’ve done a ./ updateself && ./ update

Now the usercreation was working. But my mails aren’t working again!

I’m mad right now. Working on this for hours now, still didn’t get it working.
I also can’t find any logs or anything because of the docker stuff.

Any idea what could be causing the problem?


f**k me… Just rebooted my NAS again (like for the fourth or fifth time), deactivated qthttpd again, started bitwarden and now I was finally receiving the confirmation email. Confirmed my account, registered another one to test if it’s working, which was working.
Checked on my admin page for the SMTP server - damn it, it’s the old one.
./bitwarden stop
global.override.bla changed to my new SMTP (which was working earlier)
./bitwarden rebuild
./bitwarden start

Admin-page tested - working :smiley:

I have no idea why it’s working now… I just hope that it stays that way :smiley: