Small icon to quickly choose login

Could you consider adding in the small buttons next to login box (bit like what LastPass does) so you can quickly select which login to use ( Thanks!

Can you use a hidden custom field instead?

Sorry I’m new to this, how do I use a hidden field?

There’s a help topic about that : :wink:


Thanks the help!

If I may bump this thread, I did look over custom hidden field topic, but perhaps the button could be implemented to serve as an alternative to the context menu. Clicking the button would bring up the stored login(s) and the user would click it. I just think it would be a little easier and quicker to navigate than a context menu. Thanks!

@kspearrin I don’t see how a custom field can help in adding a Bitwarden icon to a login entry field like other password managers do. E.g. see main image at

I would like to see this little feature as well.
Not only would it make things easier on a rather pesky website where the login is outsourced to an iframe coming from another basedomain and ctrl-shift-L does not work, it would also save mouse distance.

Any news about this?

It would be a great function, I’m coming from Lastpass and Dashlane and both had this.

I believe this may be a duplicate of this thread?

Re: The above item, it’s on our backlog for investigation, just not on a development timeline yet.