Skip user confirmation


we are using bitwarden in a professional environment with ldap synchronisation. All users that get access to bitwarden are synchronised via an LDAP-Group and the self-registration is disabled in bitwarden directly (globalSettings__disableUserRegistration=true).

When a new user logs into bitwarden because of the registration mail that is sent, there is no access to the organization. The access to an organization must be manually confirmed.

Is it possible to disable or automate that step, so that all registered users are automatically added to the organization?


What we’ve figured out so far, is that when users are beeing confirmed over the web GUI, the following endpoint is being called:


If I interpret this request correctly, there seems to be an undocumented API for the organization actions. While digging through the source code I found the the API definition in the OrganizationUsersController.cs file. The requests made with curl with the bearer token received in the web interface work with this API call, the bearer token received with the organization credentials don’t.

Can anybody point me out to the documentation of the /api/organization endpoint or tell me how to request the correct Bearer Token?