Single password for multi entry

in many enterprice envirnament i use Domain password for access to their application.
An example can be:

  1. Jira
  2. Confluence
  3. Jenkins
  4. Time Table

I can’t group all entry in one because have different note and meaning bat all have same user and password.

For me is more simple if change one entry can change all other, or have a folder with all entry with the same password and change folder password change all entry password.


Create one item with multiple URLs?

you ask put together banana and apple … ok are all fruit but different thing.
I need to name all item.
For examples: -> Jira -> jenkins

What name i set?

no I need different entry.


Just name it “Company Logins”

then click the “New URI” button 3 times and input the 4 URLs.

The whole point of password managers is to use unique passwords on every site, so adding this feature would be counter-productive.

If I call them company login how I select what I want if the url name with ip? Do you think I remember the ip for the link? Or I need to use an other software for open?

Thank’s but one solution cross platform is better.

You say true use different password is a Good practice but not always practicable.
I can’t choose it, because society use windows domain or LDAP for manage credentials.

than I need to find a why to manage their service.

You put the IP in.

I don’t understand what your problem is.

If I use the same username and password for,,, and

If I reuse it because of AD. Then I can call the item “AD logins” and it will auto-fill on all 4 sites.

Why should I call it Jira when the actual thing I am logging into is AD. Which then let’s me into Jira.

I agree with Saul,
In enterprise environment, we also use password manager as bookmark manager, ideal when there is new joiner in the team.
Also It would be usefull to use personal stored credential for shared item. In my case we have more than 600 URL to manage, in one entry it will be a mess.