Single Login on Local Device

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Single Login on Local Device

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Currently if bw-desktop and bw-browser are installed on a computer, using both requires entering the master password twice, once in the browser and once in the desktop app. I am looking for a way to share the vault between the multiple installed instances, so that it is possible to login once, and have browser + desktop both unlock.

I can look into developing this myself, just looking for some pointers/ ideas for how to implement it best.
My current thinking was create an api call that allows for browser/desktop to see if the other has a decryptedCipherCache. Then at the login screen make the api call, if false then the user is logged in on neither, continue as usual.
If true, then using a pre-shared key to encrypt the CipherCache, transfer the Cache locally from the logged in browser/desktop to the one at the login screen.

I have only looked at the code in brief at this point, I am not sure if it would be possible to create a “two-headed snake” approach where the browser/desktop are just UI’s for the same vault?

I am looking for any suggestions. Thanks!
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Clients / Repos Affected:

  • Browser
  • CLI (maybe?)
  • Desktop

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No idea

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We will need to look into something like this anyway as we go to integrate biometric unlock into the browser extension. Not sure about the 2-headed-snake approach or shared vault, having them both independent has tons of merit, however creating a connection, generally a 1-way (browser -> desktop) could allow some cross-talk, callbacks, and shared master key (once unlocked from desktop initiated from the browser, etc.) So something “similar” to this is on the radar.

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