Single click to fill password field when searching in the browser extension

Currently, searching for passwords when I have a long list of logins for the same website is a bit cumbersome:

Expected behavior: The same as when you open the browser extension and click on a recently-used login; searching and clicking should just autofill the password field (similar to how LastPass behaves)

Actual behavior: When you search for a password and click on it, it instead opens the properties for that password

Right-clicking is also cumbersome when you have 20 something passwords. For me, the shortest path is to just open the extension and search the login then click on it to fill.

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Sorry if this was already asked but I didn’t know how to search this.

Better usability of login entries

Like on 1Password, Bitwarden shows an entry if you click on it or fills in the forms if the URL of the entry matches the page you are seeing. But on Bitwarden the only visual difference is a small icon changing. 1Password on the other hand shows text buttons that clearly convey what will happen on a click on the entry. This should be improved.