Since enabling Cloudflare iOS app won't sync

Morning all,

I’ve been searching through the forums and online and can’t seem to find an answer. Ive started self hosting Bitwarden at home. In front of this I am using an nginx reverse proxy and Cloudflare with origin certs. Previously to testing Cloudflare I was using local letsencrypt certs and I could successfully sync locally and when out of the house on 4g. Ive removed the letsencrypt certs from my proxy, I have logged out of Bitwarden on my iPhone and back in so that it would pick up the new certs.

Now I can sync my phone when Im on wifi at home, however if I move to my 4g mobile connection the app says sync failed.

Has anyone else experienced this when using Cloudflare? My firewall rules have not changed from my previously working config before moving to Cloudflare.

Appreciate your help.



Ah so I have just received another error on removing my app and resinstalling.

An error has occurred. Exception message. An ssl error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made.

Ok so this appears to be a strange issue with my mobile provider here in the uk. Im on o2, if I try to connect using mobile data I get the certificate error. If I connect to vpn and breakout via a different provider, it will connect without issue