Simplify the menu bar options introduced in 1.24.1 (MacOS)


This is my first “feature request” or suggestion, so first of all, thank you for the great work! Touch ID integration has been just released and it’s one of the features, among others, I love the most.

In release 1.24.1 I noticed a couple of options related to the menu bar were introduced:

This is also related to Hide Bitwarden icon in dock on macOS - #11 by orangesunny

While granularity is important, I’m not quite sure if this is useful or some of these options could work as combinations (as in, completely hiding, hiding to the menu bar, or keeping it minimized). In total, there are currently 6 different options.

I’m also opening this thread to hear other’s feedback, as I think it became a bit more confusing and a bit over the edge on the balance for serving all user’s needs.

Thank you.