Simple File Drive

My personal devices and work devices have me juggling between Android, iOS, Windows and macOS every day. Sharing files between devices has always been a multi-step challenge as work devices are not too friendly for installs, so efficient options are lacking.The one thing they all have in common is the Bitwarden browser extension / App. I am not asking for a super intricate drive system like DropBox, Google Drive, etc. All I ask is for a simple way to securely upload simple flies directly to a folder and not as a “Login” attachment. From what it seems, the whole backbone to do something like this is there.
I understand that for some individuals who are fortunate enough to work under a symbiotic ecosystem might not find this very helpful. But I do believe that it can and will become a compelling premium feature for those who just wish to simplify their multi-platform experience. I do not want to store my vacation pictures there. Just want to be able to share files between my devices with a few clicks just like I do with passwords.

Premium user

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