Show underlying username used when auto-filling a password

Feature name

  • Visual popup of username when auto-filling password with Alt+Shift+L

Feature function

  • When auto-filling the password form, I’d like some form of visual to show which account the password is coming from. Currently, pressing Alt+Shift+L, BW will cycle through the various account passwords for the given site but I don’t know which is the correct one to use.
  • The benefits of this are to handle login journeys where the username and password are split across two pages. When a password is filled on its own, I don’t know if it’s the right one. There are many sites where I have multiple logins stored in BW (finance / google / ebay / social media)
  • The current workaround is to use the mouse to cycle through a number of nested menus to find the right autofil account - this is a much slower user experience than just cycling Alt+Shift+L until the right password is shown.