Show TOTP timeout on Tab window

The TAB window of the browser extension shows an icon for the 2FA/TOTP code. This is a static icon.

Please make it show how long it’s still valid, just like on the detail screen

Too many times I copy the code when it’s only valid for some seconds still, making me have to copy and enter a new code. :zipper_mouth_face:

You might check the clock on your device to make sure it matches a reference clock to the second. Most websites will accept a code a bit before it is valid and a bit after it expires to deal with the realities of network latency and clock drift. Using a code just as it is expiring should typically not be a problem – presuming your clock matches theirs.

That said, turning the “clock icon” into a count-down timer does seem to be a good idea.

My system clock is updated through an internet service, I’m sure that’s not the problem. Even though the overlap should suffice, I find myself from time to time just outside that window. Not a big problem anyway, but making the clock icon the same as on the detail screen would make it so much better.

Anymore, most operating systems do sync themselves like that. Sadly, though, it is not a guarantee. I have personally encountered three failure modes:

  1. Right now, my computer is 2.1 seconds ahead. I just rebooted, so most likely a crappy on-board clock. I am confident NTP will drift the clock back to normal over the next few hours.

  2. Years ago, there was a cell-tower who’s clock was 10 minutes off. Whenever I got close to it, my phone’s time messed up. Got fixed after a call to their “can you hear me now?” team.

  3. Back before public NTP servers were widespread, we had a corporate reference clock. One day, its satellite antenna failed in a wind-storm. Whole company drifted off by about 2 seconds before anyone noticed.

If you notice it particularly with one or a few sites, and after checking our own clock, you might open a support case with them asking that they expand the window by 30 seconds to “improve the customer experience”.

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