Show toast message with name of the login when circling autofill via keystrokes

For those unfamiliar, a toast message is a short message that appears on top of the UI (I would suggest absolute center+top) and disappears after a short amount of time

Feature name

  • Login name toast message on autofill keyboard shortcut

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently? It solves an issue of not being able to identify the correct login when using autofill keyboard shortcut
  • What benefits will this feature bring? If you have multiple logins for the same host/site and it’s not clear from the username, then seeing the name of the item in the Bitwarden Vault will help to identify the correct item
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Badly need this on pages which provide just a password input field. For example - Gmail.

FYI, there is a good discussion of the Google login issue here. You may want to tag some of the participants from that thread to see if they may be interested in voting for this feature request. Also, a few work-arounds are proposed in the responses, that may give you a temporary solution.

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Thank you, will be checking out that discussion.

In great need of this addition to the Bitwarden plugin!

The problem here is that a password is filled but I can’t see which account that password belongs to. If Bitwarden could show a notification displaying what email/username this password belongs to it would make it super easy for me to determine if it’s the right one. When I then circle through the passwords I have for different Google accounts (using the keyboard shortcut) I would be able to see when I’ve reached the right one.

Would having an pop-up overlay or a toast icon which are current feature requests be similar to what you are proposing?

Also as an FYI, the autofill and keyboard shortcuts will cycle through the last used logins, though I agree when having multiple accounts and having to cycle through it can be a challenge to determine and it’s often easier to just manually autofill from the extension.

Thank you. The pop up overlay thread is not similar to what I’m proposing, however the toast thread is exactly the kind of solution I’m referring to. I will be closing this one as it is a duplicate.

Edit: I cannot understand how to close the thread. Maybe it’s not possible for me to do it?