Show Password Instead of Dots

Is there an option in the program to allow passwords to be visible by default instead of showing dots? Thank you.

As far as I know, no.

A more interesting question is why do you want that?

There are so many reasons:
Big fingers on small screens, bad eyes, issues when using keyboards, Parkinson’s disease or other medical conditions and and and.

Being able to see the password while entering it into the password manager is still much more secure than instead using a piece of paper or relying on an unreliable brain.

If in a day or so, you haven’t gotten an answer to your question, you should probably assume that the answer is an absolute “NO”. At that point, you should probably submit a ‘Feature Request’ to make it formal. I would also suggest that you present the reason(s) why you think this feature should be added.

Thanks for your thoughts, folks. I ask because my current PW program, KeePass, gives me the option to show my passwords unhidden. Assuming the passwords are hidden to prevent others from possibly seeing them when I’m in the program, and assuming I’m so oblivious that I’d allow that to happen, I think I can see why the dots are useful. However, I’d venture to guess that most of us do not publicly expose our passwords, thus no need for the dots. I know it’s only 1 keystroke/click to make the dots go away, but in my opinion, the decision to hide my passwords or not should be mine.

For what it’s worth RHC, I’d greatly welcome this as an option too. I don’t recognise any significant security considerations when using a screen in your own home. If anyone disagrees, just choose default: hide.

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Thanks, Nick. I’d REALLY like to see this option added to the application.