Show "Open in new window" button always in Bitwarden browser extension widget

At now browser extension widget shows “Open in new window” button only on front page. But most often this button is required when users already open some folder, password item, or secure note.

The main problem with this workflow is that finded&opened item in Bitwarden widget will be disappear when user close widget, and user will need to find it again from scratch.

So please make “Open in new window” button available on all web browser widget pages! This will solve described problem.

@dwbit Pinging you about one more easy to implement UX improvement.

We have also another solution for described problem in Persistent Bitwarden UI and maintain unsaved data but proper implementation of that is a long way.

So maybe at first step - implement the easiest workaround, as described here?

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Thanks @Murz, I’ll share with the team :+1:

This would need additional changes beyond just adding the button. Currently, the widget GUI is refreshed on pop-out (or more likely, a completely new widget process is started in the pop-out window). There would still need to be code to capture the unsaved state of the browser extension and transfer this information to the pop-out widget.

So, while making the pop-out button available elsewhere in the GUI is not a bad idea, I don’t think it will solve the main problem.

Yes, we’ll not solve the main problem, but at least give ability to open a currently opened item in a new window, to not lost it when clicking anywhere outside of the Bitwarden popup.

So to clarify what specific behavior you are requesting to be implemented:

If a user has opened a vault item for editing, then clicking the pop-out button should launch the pop-out widget with the starting page being the edit window for the item that was open in the browser extension? What if the user had already started to make some edits in the browser extension before clicking the pop-out button — is it OK if those edits are lost, as long as the pop-out still shows the (now cleared) edit window?

What about something like a vault search? Here, the pop-out button is actually available already in the current implementation, but if the user has entered a (possibly complex) search query and started scrolling through the search results, then clicking the pop-out button will clear the search. Is this behavior consistent with the request you are making in this thread, or do you also wish for the state of the browser extension to be transferred to the pop-out window when it is launched?

is it OK if those edits are lost, as long as the pop-out still shows the (now cleared) edit window?

It’s not OK, but better than nothing like now.

And it’ll be great if Bitwarden can save the current form state (entered values, etc) and restore it in popup window, but as first step I’ll glad to see at least the minimal simple functionality.