Show more than 12 account tiles on Android

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Show more than 12 account tiles on Android

Feature function

Currently only 12 account tile items are shown on Android (3 rows x 4 columns), and a huge amount of the screen is blank above and below the current code. You have to scroll the account tiles to find the one you’re looking for (and it’s not obvious that you even can scroll).
Why not add another row or even three of account tiles (assuming the user has that many - I have 15)? There’s plenty of space for them.
It would make it easier to see all your accounts at a glance, and get to them with one click.

I’m now sure what you mean? What account tiles? Can you post a screenshot?

I also don’t understand what you are trying to say.

I can only assume he’s talking about Authy - that description fits the Authy app in grid mode. In which case, this is the wrong forum! :see_no_evil:

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My deepest apologies! You are right, I’m talking about Authy. Bitwarden is fine. (I do have a quibble but I’ll start a new thread.)


Ah! Now I get it. I was really confused