Sharing requires collections?

My organization has just begun using Bitwarden so I am still getting used to some of the features.
Am I right in believing that only admins can create Collections for sharing passwords? This seems like it could be an administrative nightmare. In an organization with a few hundred users there could be the need for so many different sharing possibilities. For example, I am in IT and I can create an “IT Group” but if I don’t need every member of the team to have access to a password then I would need to create another Collection.
I am fine with that but having to do that for all other departments would be a pain. Is there no way for a user to just share a login with another user?
Of course, I can create multiple admin accounts but it still removes the convenience of sharing a password which means users will begin sending passwords via email rather than wait for collections to be created.

Hi there Paul! Welcome to the community! You might want to look into the manager role as described in this help article