Sharing issue with Bitwarden app for iPhone (iOS)

My wife and I both use Bitwarden for a few days now. I have setup an organization (free one with 2 users) to share some logins with her. This organization and its shared logins is visible on both my Bitwarden web interface and my mobile iOS app. For my wife however it is only visible on her web interface, but not on her mobile iOS app.

Is this by design, am I doing something wrong or is this a bug maybe?

We have tried loging off and on and resynchronising Bitwarden on her iPhone. This doesn’t help.

Without the option to use shared items on her iPhone, Bitwarden would not be the best passwordkeeper for us. We have used LastPass before and had no trouble sharing logins.

Please let me know what we could do to make this shared items available on my wife’s iPhone. Thanks in advance!

The issue is now solved. For each person in the organization you need to checkbox to which of the collection he/she should have access to. This is an setting per member of the organization which I was not aware of. I now gave my wife access to our shared collection of logins and she now also has access to it on her iPhone.