Sharing an item to an organisation on iOS


How do I share an item in my vault to a collection within an organisation on the iPhone?

I have poked around the app but I can’t seem to work out how to do it.


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You can’t do that yet. This is part of the 2.0 branch which is only available on Android for the moment. See the release page and the blog post:

Looking into BW for business… Is iOS always behind Android development? How far behind is it typically/historically?

It has always been at the same level, only with the latest 2.0 we started to see a discrepancy between the two OS. I don’t know the reasons though. Maybe @kspearrin could enlighten us?

Are collections available in the iOS app? I can’t find out how to view my collection within the app?

They are viewable in the iOS app. I think creation and management can only be done in a browser in the web vault interface.