Shared (sub)folders to organize items inside collections




It would be nice to be able to create folders and sub-folders inside collections.
This would allow to sort passwords in a very convenient manner.
Every user sharing this collection would then see the folders structure of the collection, be able to create / modify / delete folders, put passwords inside them… everything would then be synced between all users sharing the collection.

Think about for example a company managing passwords to access their customers’ services / infrastructures…
Each customer is a collection.
And inside a collection, we would then be able to create a “servers” folder, a subfolder “mail”, a subfolder “web” etc… Another folder “portals” etc…

Thank you very much !

Edit : more or less related to this request : Sub-folders (nested folders) to organize vault


Hi, that would be a very recomended feature for us aswell, as we have to organise a lot of secrets within the same collection.


Good alternative is just share folders. No collections then needed. Moreover, collections work weird. Removing item from collection doesn’t stop it from being shared.


AFAIK this is not possible. The only way to share items is individually, or through collections.