Shared (sub)folders to organize items inside collections (nested inheritance)

This would be HUGE for us! We really do need the ability to be able to group our passwords. Just between 2 departments, we have roughly 3000 passwords. Folders are a HUGE deal for us!

Pretty please! :slight_smile: Subfolders are pretty awesome as well!

Echoing Mart124, I would also like to see this feature implemented.

I’m also here to say this would be a very helpful feature in our organization.


This is also an issue for my company. We have two main problems with how nested collections work now:

  1. While we can have nested collections, we don’t want to have to explicitly set permissions on each collection. We’d like to have children collections inherit the permissions of the parent so that anyone with access to the parent collection will automatically have access to all subsequent child collections.
  2. We would like to allow team members with permissions to the parent collection to create/modify/remove sub collections. This would allow team members to have agency in organization password management without giving them admin access.

PUSH! The feature-request to inherit ACLs via collections is a must!

We already have > hundred collections, hiearchical strcture, only a few (main)-collections and hundreds of (sub)-collections “child”-collections…

Inheritance of Collections

  • less administration effort (since you only need to set ACLs for a few (main)-collections
  • more overview of ACLs since only a few (main)-collections need to be reviewd
  • automatic inheritance improves overall administration for (sub)-collections
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+1 Push!
The same request.
Dear dev-team can you schedule this feature in the roadmap?

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This feature is DEFINATELY a must. Even the cheapest /free password systems like Teampass have this feature. We bought a license some time ago and still struggling to migrate from our previous system, becaue we have about 600 collections.

Still no news on this? Why? It makes the whole System unnessesary complex. No end user will ever understand that.

Hello bitwarden-developer-Team,
please don’t get us wrong, we love your product and continue to do so.
But please give us an ETA or realistic intel about when you will implement the AUTO-inheritance-function for groups on nested collections!

Many thanks

Thanks for the feedback @horschd. We are actively working on auto inheritance for nested collections but don’t have an ETA at this time.


Please implement this, this seems like a basic function of a password manager (Ability to add nested folders in a collection).

Hi @FEAUS you can currently create nested collections by adding a forward slash when naming, there just isn’t currently an option to provide auto inheritance.

Nested collections is a beginning. I don’t understand the problem why a nested collection can’t also have subfolders as there is a separate folder structure for the personal vault.
We want to switch to Bitwarden from our many Keepass workgroups. In our work group there are 6 subfolders in Keepass and each of these has between 0 and 10 sub-subfolders.
Arranging everything in a flat hierarchy makes Bitwarden inflexible compared to Keepass.

We switched from keypass to bitwarden some years ago and still have the nested look from keypass as we just exported/imported all. Its a mess and cleaning up isnt that easy as you need to do a lot manual.

Can you please create folders under a collection so we can differentiate our clients and their systems in bitwarden properly

I am a consultant, I have a lot of customers, I would also love if every collection has its own folder nest.
In fact, it would be great if we could export collections. For example, I have a Customer A collection, once I finish my work, I export the collection, i give the collection to the customer and I delete it from my vault.

I would like to see “collection-folders” (or how ever to call them to make them distinct from current “my vault folders”) rather then the nested-collection feature with complicated ACL. It’s always simpler to have ACL only set at the root level (=collection) and no nested ACLs at all.
Not be able to structure the collections easily is the biggest disadvantage of using bitwarden for us.
(Also the need to switch to the web-vault to create collections is a hurdle we dislike. If nested collections is the future, make the creation easier by supporting it in the apps).

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Hello and welcome @hauser,

Currently Bitwarden has been undergoing some web UI enhancements and changes.
As I understand this is part of a multi phased UI refresh to hopefully make Bitwarden a bit more intuitive and streamlined.

Perhaps better ACL management and auto-inheritance for nested collections will be on the horizon, asi know it is something that has been requested here before.

The current 2022 roadmap lists Org Admin Vault Refresh on the list of priority improvements, so not entirely sure what that means but hopefully easier management in the vault for Org admins! :wink:

I was demonstrating how cool Bitwarden was to my co-worker and the first thing she said was… “why cant I organize the passwords in our organization’s collections into folders?” Organizing items into folders with inheritance is something everyone just expects as standard now a day. Im sure its a difficult process to implement if it has not been done yet, after 4 years of this post being open. For the non-tech folks, this would be such a big improvement.
Thank you for making such a cool product!

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Thanks for the feedback! Inheritance for nested collections is coming :+1: